Friendship band (Red colour)



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Friendship band (Red colour)

Squad goals are always trusted to be one step ahead. So is this friendship bracelet! This is a special band with great width that keeps the bond strong. It includes white and yellow debossed for your friend to coordinate with all their outfits.

This band is ideal if you wish to make your just friend your best friend or someone you cherish your closest one! The band says it all, it wishes happy friendships day as well as asks if the person will be your friend forever!


First, let us take a quick look at the material used for this band and why it is so great for wrist bracelets. Silicone is a versatile bonded polymer, which makes it easy to work with, yet durable, and strong. It is man-made with oxygen, silicon (think Silicon Valley), and some other elements, usually, hydrogen and carbon, which gives it elastomeric features.


Debossed with color filled

100% high-quality silicone material

Eco-friendly material which is all harmless

Non-Toxic and Non-Corrosiveness