Valentino 46 Ross ( Yellow wrist band )



Product Description

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Valentino 46 Ross ( Yellow wrist band )

This Ducati 46 yellow colour wrist band is a high-quality soft and durable. The band is a 100% environmentally friendly and non-toxic and also is an awesome product to gift to your best buddies. Maybe you might not have the bike or you just fantasize about it. This band will surely add zest to your fantasy for this branded Ducati bike. 


The high-quality rubber material is used in making this wrist band. The material also makes this bracelet great and shiny. This safe silicone is a versatile bonded polymer that might also make it easy for working with durable, and making it completely strong. 


Debossed with color filled

Hi-Quality Rubber

Flexible and Lightweight

Easily Fits

Stylish and Good-Looking Design