Yamaha bike black and white wrist band



Product Description

13 R – W

Yamaha bike black and white wrist band

Wristbands like this adds a quarter of inch width compared to original normal styles, and make these simply wristbands look more athletic and openhanded than the normal size. This YAMAHA band is debossed with colourful YAMAHA Wristbands and filled with white and black. 

The collocation of white and black is concise and clean, which gives people a composed and stable sense, these custom rubber wristbands can be well used not only for decorations, but also to promoting the company, which kill two birds with one stone. 


There are many bracelets which are usually producing well with other synthetic rubber materials; however, the majority of decorative wristbands are made up of some sort of specific rubber material. This might be the rubber material which is a bonded polymer substance with numerous elastomeric qualities, which shall further make this band flexible and completely water-resistant.


Debossed with color filled

Hi-Quality Rubber

Flexible and Lightweight

Easily Fits

Stylish and Good-Looking Design